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It is our passion to create a fantastic experience for all our clients through dedicated hard work and fine-tuned expertise. We want them to feel as if they spent their time with us flying First Class on Crane Airlines! And when all is said and done, it is our goal to look back and know we made a positive personal and professional impact with everyone we came into contact with.

We have helped more than 260 families in the past 10 years and been recognized as being among the top 20% of our colleagues in the Pacific Northwest region and top 3% of agents in the Portland-Metro market.

Because we are committed to operating our business primarily by referral, we do not spend our time and resources doing the typical marketing activities like advertising, open houses, and cold calling. We prefer, instead, to focus our time and effort on our clients. As a result, we depend on our clients to let us know when they come in contact with other people considering purchasing or selling a home. We promise to provide them with the same high level of service we are providing for you.

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Client Reviews...
"We purchased our home with Mike and Tammie by our side. They were awesome and provided one of the best and easiest home buying experiences we have had over the past twenty years of buying homes across the US. They are trustworthy and provide a great peace-of-mind during what can be a very stressful purchase experience. You won't regret having them as partners and we will look forward to working with them when the need arises."
   - Scott R.
"Tammie sold our home just weeks ago. In the period of time it took to sell, we experienced challenges and challenging agents. If Tammie is your agent, you're a lucky client. Tammie knows how to troubleshoot tough situations, while holding to integrity. She's honest in her dealings with her clients, and is vigilant in doing what needs to be done. She has a reputable network of names you can trust for those unknown professionals that have to come into your home for repairs or other needs to make a buyer happy with the purchase of your home. She knows the market, and with her reliable team, Tammie goes the extra mile to do research necessary to market, even a hard to sell home, and present it well--so it appeals to the right buyer. She helped us to purchase the down-sized home we now own, and we couldn't be happier. If Tammie Crane becomes your agent, chances are, you'll be happy, too. As an agent, Tammie is a cut above. This is our third sale and second purchase with this agent. From having past agents, and in dealing with agents on the looking side, there isn't one better. Crane is a keeper! Happy buying/ selling days! (...and thanks Tammie.) <3"
   - Lori R.
"Tammie was so wonderful to work with when finding a one level home for my parents. She truly cares for her clients. She creates lifetime connections. It's not about her bottom line but finding the perfect fit for your home whether you are buying or selling."
   - Bonnie B.
"Tammie was so wonderful to work with, and I have several family members that have worked with her as well and were very happy with her services. I was especially impressed with the staging and photographs that were done for our home."
   - Stephanie A.